Thursday, February 28, 2008

Samiclaus and a new Brewery

Well the samiclaus brewing went well, especially as a send-off for the brewery. What, old brewery you say? Yep, it's time to brew like the big boys. Sometime in the next few weeks I hope to have the RCBC V3.0 ready for brewing. Construction has gone well thus far, although expensive and at a time when I am low on dough. Building it in the image of the Brutus Ten.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Monthly Update

It would seem that I am not as good at updating as I once was. Tough tacos. Anyway, severl developments in the RCBC...

First, the "RC" is gone, sold it to a nice guy in Apex, NC. I used the proceeds to build a cold room and begin construction on my basement gameroom. Gameroom is almost complete, and I still have enough cash leftover to upgrade the brewery.

Second, I've joined a group to become a certified Beer Judge (BJCP). It's a lot of memorization, and figuring out what flavors are what in beer. I've enjoyed it, but to say it is difficult would be an understatement. Examine in in June.

Third, once again I am brewing a big beer, Samiclaus, for the BBG club. Next weekend it is on!

Finally, the Dopplebock came out well, so far. Definitely needs some time to lager, so we will get to see how it goes after that. I also brewed a Bohemian pilsner using pallisade bittering hops, not proper, but that's what you get during a hop shortage!