Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shout Out

Occasionally we rookie homebrewers hit one out of the park. Last night I had a pint of Drank Tank's American Pale Ale. Now, I am known in our brewing circle as the "anti-hop", so any pale ale is a sketchy proposition...but not this one.

I dare you to have one pint. It's impossible. Usually IPAs and APAs are unbalanced (too much hops, not enough ABV and maltiness), but this one was spot on. Perfectly, and I mean PERFECTLY balanced. I think he would agree that the balance was luck, being that it was his first attempt at the recipe, but damn what a fine beer. I haven't been brewing much good beer thanks to experimentation and brewery changes, so it was nice to have a delicious brew from a fellow homebrewer's hand.

Thank you, Drank Tank. Let me bestow the highest honor I have, a haiku:

Thoughts on an APA

First apprehensive
Malt, hops balance perfectly
One is not enough

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Copyright Infringement?

I am travelling to Washington DC on Thursday and will be indulging in a few brews at the Sweetwater Tavern. Browsing the beer list I found that they have taken one from my book!

Sweetwater Tavern's Rusty Roadrunner Lager

They don't have it on tap, but I am hoping to score some from the brewmaster if there is any available (and he is willing to part with it). Perhaps he will be happy to entertain a poor homebrewer's request? Either way, I will blog about the experience next week!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brewing Updates

Irish Jim brewed on his "own" Sunday. I am so proud...he's all grows up! Well, sort-of. We brewed the Cockhammer Ale for his St. Patty's day romp in Pittsburg. Too bad they won't care what it tastes like 30mins after they start drinking...

As for my current brews, the Belgian finished fermenting and tasting revealed one hell of a "belgian" flavor. Still a lot of phenols (thanks to 8.5% ABV) and a warming alcohol finish. This one will need some bottle conditioning to smooth out. I might try a bottle around memorial day!

Some new links...

As I've searched the interweb I found a few sites worthy of recognition, (and by "found" I mean Drank Tank sent me one). And then I got published:

And from there I stumbled upon this, which looks fun:

So there you have it. Not related to brewing, perse', but a good trip into the beer blogging world...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bock update...

Actually, Drank Tank and I dubbed this brew "Bock Twenty-Five" since it isn't quite a double, but is more than just a bock...

Transferred to secondary last night. Already tasting smooth with a hint of bitterness. Very malty and just a hint of phenols (alcohol taste). Gravity at 1.014, and that's where it will certainly stay. The yeast I've used for the vienna and this bock is outstanding. It's a "special" strain that White Labs release in the winter. Platinum Series Bavarian Lager yeast. It ferments great at 52 and is healthy with vigorous fermentation. I collected at least 1/2 a pint of it from the fermentor for use on my O'fest in March!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Old School

On the coldest day we've had in a while I am thinking back to the summer heat, and version 1.0 of the RCBC...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Flurry of Activity

With the RCBC first ever Winter Brewfest coming up next weekend I've been a busy brewmeister! Also had my friend visit from California and he wanted to see the brewery in action, so I brewed up a belgian dubble (Ommegang-ish). I also kegged up my El Camino Vienna, Forty-Weight Brown, and bottled the vanilla variety of Danielle's Birthday Strawberry Ale.

Shew! The TBC Bock is in diacetyl rest, and I will keg the rest of the Strawberry later this week, just in time for the BrewFest...

Friday, February 02, 2007


Sadness is pouring your last pint of a good Oktoberfest. Despair is spilling it on the floor.