Sunday, January 25, 2009

Successful brew day

Looks like all went well on brew day yesterday. Only one mild boilover. Assistant brewer Jim was on hand, and we went on a pre-brew run which I believe is going to become a tradition. All went well, the beer is in the fermentor and hopefully we will get a full finished 15gal. OG for the 14.5gal that went into the fermentor was 1.060, a good bit stronger than I had calculated, which means that the brewery is getting better efficiency that I had projected for the higher volume, but once I transfer to kegs and dilute with some water it should be closer to 1.051 (projected, since it will be post-fermentation). Hopefully it will taste as good as the brew day was!

Had three other visitors, Captain Pete made a rare apperance, best-man Mike showed up to oversee the activities and ensure Jim didn't get "too close", and Rob from the BBG came by with his wife bearing dougnuts and homebrew.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Missed it by two days...

More upgrades. It seems I spent too much time building facilities, and not enough actually brewing! Finished a bigger, nastier cold room that houses ALL of my brewing equipment. I have a decision to make regarding the current kegerator, as it is a little big considering the space. I am hoping to find a small freezer to convert and save the space. For now it all fits, and their is enough space to move stuff around (although things are very snug)! I'll try to get some pics this weekend and post...

I am brewing this weekend (vienna) and next weekend (brown ale). Time to ramp up the beers and fill the brewery with aging brew!